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Do You Think Your Employees Are Interviewing On The Sly? You Make The Call


A survey shows 28 percent of full-time employees are planning to interview for another job. What about your employees? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Malicious Browser Extensions Infect More Than 20 Million Users: How Can You Protect Your Employees?


Experts discover the Google Chrome store has malware-infected extensions. Read what you can do to protect your device from infection. Read more...


Ask Leslie: What Should We Include In Our Sexual Harassment Training Form Acknowledgment?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. what a document acknowledging attendance at sexual harassment training should include. Learn some best practices. Read more...


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Overtime Fraud And Abuse: Steps You Can Take To Prevent Them

Many news reports address verdicts and settlements about employers who fail to pay employees overtime. Jack McCalmon examines situations in which employees fraudulently work overtime. Read More

Can A Person Of Color Discriminate Against A Person Of The Same Color?

Race and color discrimination may overlap, but are not the same. Learn what managers and supervisors need to know. Read More

How The Sham Vendor Scam Goes From Embezzlement To Potential Liability For Directors And Officers

A corporate vice president submits hundreds of invoices for payments to a sham company that he controlled over a 12-year period. We examine. Read More



National Missing Children's Day

On this day-and every day-the FBI works to reunite missing children with their families and asks the public for help in locating children who have been reported kidnapped or missing.

Child Sex Tourism

A 56-year-old Florida man who frequently traveled to the Philippines to have sex with young girls was sentenced to 330 years in prison for crimes related to child sex tourism.

Child Sex Trafficking Ring Dismantled

A child sex trafficking ring was dismantled, its victims rescued, and its leader sentenced to life in prison thanks to a collaborative FBI Child Exploitation Task Force investigation in Ohio.