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Protecting Privileged Credentials: An Essential Step In Cybersecurity

Organizations must take measures to prevent privileged access credential abuse, the leading cause of data breaches. Read ways to protect these valuable credentials. Read More

Accommodating Breastfeeding Employees: What Are The Accommodations You Need To Know?

An employee wins her lawsuit against an employer who failed to accommodate her need to pump breast milk at work. Leslie Zieren, Esq. discusses how to avoid this risk. Read More

The 2018 EEOC Charge Statistics Are Here: What Can Employers Learn From 2018 And Expect In 2019?

The EEOC published its long overdue 2018 charge statistics. Jack McCalmon, Esq. examines what the statistics tell employers and what they could mean for 2019.? Read More



Seeking Victims of Sex Trafficker

The FBI is seeking additional victims of convicted Seattle-area sex trafficker David Delay, who manipulated women into prostitution through promises of fame, money, and love.

Justice Finally Served

A fugitive from a 1999 Indiana molestation case was apprehended in Oregon in 2016 through facial recognition software and the efforts of an FBI agent who was an Indiana State Police trooper when the crime occurred.

National Missing Children's Day

On this day-and every day-the FBI works to reunite missing children with their families and asks the public for help in locating children who have been reported kidnapped or missing.